Keeping track of good coding suggestions that are useful for doing econometrics is difficult. I frequently stumble across coding suggestions that make my life easier, but two months later when I need to implement the method again, I forget how and I have to learn it all over again. Coding can be frustrating.

Usually, I resort to searching the internet for suggestions on my specific econometrics problems, and on some topics, I find some great suggestions. R-help discussion boards are useful, but difficult to search, and many of the applications from R-help are for statistics related to another field. Because of this mismatch, it requires some translation to understand what the suggestion means in econometrics language.

I am a young economist who is fond of using R to do econometrics. I don't consider myself to be a foremost expert in R, but I have passable R programming skills. I am mostly writing this blog to keep track of my own ideas for future reference, but other people might find my coding suggestions useful. If this is the case, I am happy to help out.